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Mew 3: I’m lonely



My ears finally came today! Feeling fiiiiine as fuck.


Kitten's dos and dont's and must haves for Daddy

Do:Pet my hair
Do:Kiss my forehead
Do:Kiss me
Do:Call me mine
Do:Hold my hand
Do:Pull me close by my hips
Do:Cuddle me
Do:Let me paw at you
Do:Feed me by hand <3
Do:Make cupcakes with me
Do:Dance around silly with me
Do:Let me sleep until noon
Do:Make me a nest of pillows in a sunbeam
Do:Collar me
Do:Spank my ass in public (lightly just to make me jump ;)
Do:Let me drink milk from a crystal bowl (bonus points if there is liquor involved)
Do:Call me princess
Don't:Mess up my hair, it's a hassle as it is
Don't:Make me cry unless I ask ;)
Don't:Let me have a lot of dairy, it makes kitten sick
Don't:Be super rough unless I'm being rough back ;)
Don't:Lie to me
Must have:Cuddles lots of them
Must have:Lots and lots of kisses
Must have:Kitten time with you
Must have:Pets, not petting kitty results in a very grumpy kitten.


Kitten collars by Necro Leather on Etsy and Storenvy. The one that says “kitten” is customizable up to 8 letters. I think I’m in love.

I need this or I think I might die

(Source: etsy.com)

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